How to sign the Club Sports Waiver

How to Sign the Club Sports Waiver on the UGA Invovlement Network

  1. Click HERE to begin the process
  2. In the top right corner or center of page, click "Sign In" and enter your MyID and password 
  3. Once signed in, in the center of the page, click the search (magnifying glass) button and search “Competitive Sports” 
  4. Select "Competitive Sports" in the drop down search bar
  5. Once on the Competitive Sports page, scroll down to "Forms"
  6. Select "Competitive Sports Waiver"
  7. Fill out completely and hit submit when done. That’s all!

Contact Club Sports


Michael Husted, Assistant Director

Jason James, Senior Coordinator 

Brittany Burriss, Graduate Assistant

Chris Sato, Graduate Assistant

Useful Links and Forms

All Club Sports forms and documents can be found on the Competitive Sports page in the UGA Involvement Network.

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How to Sign the Club Sports Waiver

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