Policies and Services

Students in Gabrielsen Natatorium

General Information

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Please note that policies are subject to the discretion and interpretation of the on-duty area/facility supervisor.

Individuals with a disability who may need special facility accommodations should contact Recreational Sports in advance to discuss possibilities by calling 706-542-5060. Program specific accommodations need additional time and should be addressed to the specific administrator of that area.

Refund Policy

Full refunds are issued if the Department of Recreational Sports cancels a class, activity or program. All other refunds are charged a $15.00 processing fee. Classes, activities and programs costing less than $15.00 are not eligible for a refund.

Refunds are only granted in cases where there is a documented medical condition that precludes completion of the class, activity or program. If a refund is warranted, it is pro-rated based upon the class, activity or program start date.


Health Insurance

All individuals participating in a recreational activity assume responsibility for their health. It is recommended that all individuals who intend to participate should have a physical examination beforehand for their own protection.

The University of Georgia does not provide health insurance coverage for accidents or illnesses incurred while participating in a recreational activity or on recreational facilities. It is recommended that each individual secure his or her own accident/health insurance policy.

The University recommends that each participant explore one of the following insurance alternatives:

• Parental insurance coverage
• Your own insurance coverage via http://www.hr.uga.edu/mandatory-plan
• Your own insurance from an independent provider

Complete information about student health insurance requirements and policies can be found on the UGA Human Resources website at http://www.hr.uga.edu/mandatory-plan, by calling (706) 542-2222 or emailing gshiplan@uga.edu for more information.