Rec Sports Fellows Program

The Rec Sports Fellows program is an experiential learning opportunity offered to three to five current student employees to expand their knowledge of campus recreation beyond their primary staff role. A key feature of this program is that all participants spend time with all areas of the Department of Recreational Sports. During the rotation among areas, the program participants will broaden their knowledge of the myriad functions of campus recreation as well as build their individual knowledge, skills and abilities. Each student employee will be given the opportunity to pick an area of expertise or “specialty” in which they will spend the majority of their time in order to expound upon their individual strengths.  The ultimate goal of this program is to prepare students for a future career in campus recreation. See below for what past participants have to say about their experience. 

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2018-2019 Participants

Abigail Hunt

[The program was] super helpful and this was an overall very positive experience. Overall, the program really helped me grow in my application and interview ability for not only Rec Sports-related things but also for research assistantships and future jobs. I definitely feel more confident than I did coming into the year.






Ashley Patrick

I have really enjoyed my Fellows program experience. I knew the Fellows program could provide me with the information and professional development skills to prepare for a managerial role or graduate assistantship in recreational sports or other departments. My big take away from the program is the professional development experience. All the professional staff at Ramsey really encouraged me and empowered me to be successful during my application process to graduate schools and jobs. The Fellows program really provided that support system and broadened my community at Ramsey. I truly believe my experience within the Fellows program is what helped me achieve getting a manager position at the VSU Recreational Center because of the knowledge and leadership skills it helped me develop.


Jvonte Ross

The Fellows Program was definitely a positive experience because of the opportunities to speak with and learn from experienced professionals at the University of Georgia. I was able to pick up basic fundamentals from every department of Ramsey Student Center. The fellows program helped me realize what I would like to do post graduation.


2017-2018 Participants

Mandy Enloe

"My biggest takeaway from the program is the networking and experiences I gained that otherwise would not have happened. Having an avenue for gaining professional relationships with the directors and below is one of the best parts of the program. I most likely would not have had experience with or worked directly with some of the departments if not for this program, i.e. aquatics or competitive sports since I have niched myself in the F&W department. However, I can now speak to the different areas, which will help when I interview for a GA position."





Hannah Guinta

The Rec Sports Fellows program has accelerated my experience with campus recreation in ways I still find difficult to describe. [The staff] showed a genuine interest in our personal and professional
lives, which made us want to do nothing more than work hard and make them proud. When I started as a staff member in Strength and Conditioning, I saw it mostly as a way to make friends and earn some
money. Once I became a Facility Manager, I learned even more about Rec Sports and began to see the potential for me to turn this part-time job into a career. Once I started with the Fellows program, I became
even more invested. [The staff] gave me opportunities to get to know each and every member of the professional staff so that I could feel completely comfortable and connected while at Ramsey, and increase my knowledge of the many departments that coexist within a campus recreation program.


Rachel "Petey" Peterson

"My experience with the Follows program was incredible from top to bottom. When I started the program, I really wasn’t sure about how to go about the search for a graduate assistantship and I was extremely worried that I was too late in the process to be able to secure one successfully. This worry was quickly addressed through the program, and even being involved in it gave me confidence that I was taking steps in the right direction. I was assured that I had all resources I could possibly need to help me, and this gave me the initial motivation to pursue my goals with everything I could." 




2016-2017 Participants

Owusu Achiaw

"Prior to entering the Fellows program, I was unsure of the skills I was going to gain yet at the very least I knew was going to learn a lot about Recreational Sports. Upon its completion, I realized I had developed innate skills that I never knew were there. With the freedom to create my own weekly schedule, I had the opportunity to shadow various departments within UGA Rec Sports and learn about the various techniques and skills required to run each area smoothly. This was an invaluable experience for me as these innate skills I developed through the program are skills that are transferable in both my future career and life."


Kaulin Andric

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Brittany Burriss

"My favorite part of the Fellows program was getting to learn about other departments and work with the professional staff within Ramsey. I knew that I wanted a graduate assistantship in competitive sports, but I wanted to continue to improve my skills and learn all about the different program areas within Recreational Sports. I think it is important as a future campus recreation professional to understand who you are working with and how their department is different/similar to your own. Being a Rec Sports Fellow allowed me to further understand this profession and confirmed that I finally found my calling in life." 






This program is approved to be included in a student's Experiential Learning Transcript. Please consult with the program coordinators or visit with any questions you may have.