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The Recreational Sports’ staff is busy providing virtual programming to enable you to be active and be well from any location. Explore our content and check back regularly as we continue to add more content every week!

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Monday- Mindful Story Post, Workout of the Day

Tuesday- Competitive Sports

Wednesday- Workout of the Day

Thursday- Outdoor Recreation

Friday- Georgia Fitness Challenge



  • Rec Sports At-Home Workout Videos
    • Look out for easy-to-follow content from our Fitness & Wellness team! We’ve launched a series of at-home workouts so you can continue to stay healthy and fit with us!  These workouts are designed for any fitness level. Videos are posted 2–3 times a week on our social channels.
  • Rec Sports Fitness Coaching
    • ​Free 10-15 minute coaching sessions with a certified personal trainer.
    • Fitness coaching is designed to give you an opportunity to continue to pursue your fitness routine remotely.  We can answer questions about: at-home fitness equipment, workout design, training styles, or provide motivation/ guidance to achieve your fitness goals.
    • For more information or to schedule a coaching session, please contact:
  • Noontime Pilates and Yoga Classes
    • Kiz Adams, UGA’s Well-being coordinator, is offering free 45-minute Pilates and yoga classes at noon each day via Zoom. Kiz has been a certified Pilates instructor for almost 20 years. Click on this link to join in:
  • Virtual Personal Training​
    • ​Rec Sports virtual personal training offers individualized programs tailored to your health and fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective at-home fitness programs that will assist you in continuing your fitness journey.
    • We are currently accepting new clients!
    • For more information, visit:
    • If you have specific questions, please contact us at




Change can be difficult as we have to adjust to something new, especially when it's unexpected. However, change doesn't always have to come with stress! Check out these options about managing stress and pick-up some tips and tricks to build resiliency and lower stress during times of change.


  • University Health Center- Find free virtual wellness and prevention classes, clinics and tools hosted by the University Health Center. 
  • Mindfulness Moment- Participate in a daily mindfulness moment with your campus community. Every day at 9 a.m., Kiz Adams, UGA’s well-being coordinator, will lead a short (less than 10-minute) mindfulness practice. You can join via Zoom at


  • Mindful – Mindful is an online platform which offers free resources, guided practices, articles, and much more.
  • Yoga Journal
  • Simple Habit – is a free meditation app that mainly offers bite-sized meditation sessions for anxiety, relaxation, relationships, career, parenting, and more. Through the end of April 2020, Simple Habit is giving users free premium memberships. The platform even has meditation plans and collections designed specifically for stress and anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Headspace – has a huge range of guided meditations available on its free platform.
  • Calm – free mindfulness app