BodyPump Instructors

Campus Outreach
Let us come bring Fitness and Wellness to you! Upon your request, we will send a Nationally Certified Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer to your campus organization, fraternity, or sorority. Our outreaches can be customized to fit your needs for any of the following services:

•Any Group/Instructional Class Format
•Wellness/Fitness Presentations
•Workshops for Specific Interests
•Exercice Modalities and Injury Prevention
•Ways to Stay Fit Outside of the Gym
•Or Any Other Fitness Related Class, Topic, or Program

Submit an outreach request here.  

Body Composition

$5 Body Composition
Make an appointment to get your body composition tested by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. Sign up at the Membership Services Desk for a time that works best for you!

$1 Body Composition
Let a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer determine your body composition using a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) scale.

5-7 pm in the PT Office (Located in Strength & Conditioning Room 2) on the following dates in Spring 2017:

• August 31
• September 21
• October 19
• November 16



Polar BodyAge Fitness Assessment 

This hour and a half appointment will allow you to test your muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory health, and body composition. Use the results to identify your body age and consult with a Personal Trainer on ways to lower that age. Required for all first-time clients.
$35 for student
$45 for faculty/staff
$55 for alumni

Single Session
If you are new to Personal Training or you have hit a plateau with your current workout plan this is the option for you! Meet with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer who will design an individualized workout for you to use on your own. 
You must also purchase a Polar Body Age Assessment.

$50 for student
$60 for faculty/staff
$70 for alumni

You may register in person at the Membership Services Desk in the Main Office of the Ramsey Student Center.

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Fitness and Wellness

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