Challenge Course Facilitator Job Description

Challenge Course Facilitator

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*Note: in addition to submitting an application, candidates must enroll in the Challenge Course Facilitator Training series.The next training will take place in the fall of 2018.

A facilitator for the UGA Challenge Course will be working in a co-instructor position, working closely with the lead facilitator and Challenge Course management to cover and share the instruction, supervision, safety, and debriefing responsibilities associated with the UGA Challenge Course. The facilitator will use the UGA course to provide an opportunity for groups to recognize and safely reach their potential. This will include promoting self-confidence, positive group dynamics, and the expansion of their problem solving abilities. These individuals must be well organized, experienced, compassionate, and exceptional communicators when it comes to teaching others.


  • Must have current certification: • American Red Cross CPRO, First-Aid, AED or ability to acquire within first month of hire
  • Requires a minimum of 20 hours training in Challenge Course facilitation
  • Outside training must be approved by Outdoor Recreation Coordinator Essential Requirements
  • SAFETY: The facilitator will be responsible for insuring the safety of each client participating in the course.
    • Work will include properly setting up the course, inspecting the course and equipment and properly instructing the use of the same to the clients 
    • Understands emergency procedures and is comfortable responding to situations in a professional AND calm demeanor
  • LEADERSHIP AND PLANNING: Be a positive role model
    • Directs activities
    • Empowers clients utilizing "Challenge by Choice"
    • Aids in developing the full potential of the facility
    • Deals calmly and efficiently with stressful situations and people
  • PHYSICAL: Able to tie specific knots, belay (rope technique) clients, move from element to element and climb structures as needed
  • SUPERVISION: The facilitator will be responsible to supervise all activities connected with the course elements
    • Work will include directing activities and debriefing participants
    • Able to work independently
  • COMMUNICATION: Excellent communication skills are required
    • Facilitators should be adept at effectively communicating to a broad range of individuals from varied backgrounds and encouraging communication between others
  • JUDGMENT: Uses good judgment while making independent decisions regarding all facets of the safe and effective use of the course
  • TEAMWORK: Works as a valuable team member with others in scheduling, facilitating and operating the course
  • DEPENDABILITY: Available on a regular basis to lead programs
    • Arrives on site on time. Maintains a commitment to the success of the course
    • Follows procedures
  • EXPERIENCE: Fully trained on the UGA Challenge course local operation procedures
  • TEACHING: Cultivates learning among the individuals and the groups, including the technical skills as well as the experiential aspects of the course
  • DEBRIEFING: Promotes constructive discussion processing the participants experiences in order to integrate what has been learned
  • Physical Requirements (must be able to):
    • Stand/walk for long periods
    • Use of ladder
    • Bending/stooping
    • Kneeling/squatting
    • Reaching/grasping
    • Overhead work
    • Pushing/pulling
    • Repetitive use of hands
    • Lift at least 35 lbs
  • Customer interaction: Strong verbal, written, and listening skills
  • Technical Skils:
    • Ability to quickly and confidently tie all necessary knots
    • Capability to set up and take down each and every low and high course element
    • Ability to safety belay participants
    • Successfully demonstrate a high course rescue
    • Ability to prepare (front-loading) and follow-up (debriefing) of the group

For questions, contact Cathy Stedman, Assistant Director for Outdoor Recreation.