Recreational Sports observes the University of Georgia Freedom of Expression Policy.

Any person or group that wishes to take photo/video in any Recreational Sports facility, including the Ramsey Student Center, must complete the media request form. All requests, both internal and external to the University of Georgia, are subject to policies set by the Division of Marketing & Communications and the policies set by the Department of Recreational Sports.

All requests for filming must be submitted via this request form

Due to the quantity of requests we receive, filming permissions for non-UGA business purposes may be limited depending on staff availability, intended purpose or location requested.

If you work with a media outlet requesting comments or interview, please contact the Director of Student Affairs Communications and Marketing Initiatives at

  • The Marketing and Communications Manager (or designee) manages media relations for the Department of Recreational Sports in conjunction with the Associate Director for Programs, the Director of Recreational Sports, the Director of Student Affairs Communications and Marketing Initiatives, the Vice President for Marketing and Communications, and other UGA administrators.
  • All requests for interviews and/or statements on behalf of the Department of Recreational Sports should be directed to the Director of Student Affairs Communications and Marketing Initiatives ( 
  • The Director of Recreational Sports should be contacted in the event of a media inquiry if the Marketing and Communications Manager is unavailable.
  • Rec Sports employees (student, graduate assistant, or pro staff) should not comment to the media without prior approval and authorization from the Marketing and Communications Manager, Associate Director for Programs, or Director of Recreational Sports. The Marketing and Communications Manager will either respond to the request directly or work with the appropriate personnel to arrange for a comment. 
  • The Marketing and Communications Manager, in addition to responding to requests, will also reach out to the media on the department’s behalf in the interest of promoting events and initiatives (press releases, advertising, providing photos or other information, pitching stories, etc.)
  • The Marketing and Communications Manager will work with pro staff in all Rec Sports areas to arrange interviews and provide media relations tips/training.
  • All requests for photography or filming within the Ramsey Student Center or other Rec Sports facility must be approved by the Marketing and Communications Manager, the Director of Student Affairs Communications & Marketing Initiatives, and the Broadcast Coordinator in the Division of Marketing & Communications. Requests must be submitted via this form.
  • All requests are subject to University of Georgia policies for filming on campus, as outlined by the Division of Marketing & Communications.
  • Photography and filming must be announced to any and all participants in the approved area. Participants have the option of declining their consent to be filmed and/or photographed. Filming and photography cannot interfere with patrons’ normal use of the facility or equipment. 
  • Authorized photographers will be given a lanyard and name tag that states they are approved to film in Rec Sports facilities. This lanyard must be returned to the Rec Sports main office when filming is completed.
  • UGA staff photographers from the Division of Marketing & Communications are authorized to film or take photos in Rec Sports facilities at any time. The Marketing and Communications Manager should be informed of any intent to film.
  • All UGA Rec Sports staff must assist in preventing unauthorized filming in the facility, and should direct photographers who have not been authorized to the approval form on the Rec Sports website.

Approval Criteria: The following factors will be considered when evaluating flyers: 

  • Eligibility: Your flyer must be affiliated with a UGA registered student organization, office, department, research study, or government agency.  
  • Flyer Dimensions: The dimensions of your flyer must be 8.5×11 inches.
  • Inclusion of Information: Your flyer must include an expiration date and contact information with a link or QR code. This ensures that viewers can easily access further details and enables timely removal of outdated flyers.  
  • Prohibited Content: Flyers promoting events involving alcohol/drugs, percentage nights, tear-away tags, or containing obscene language/imagery will not be allowed. 
  • Compliance with Policies and Regulations: Flyers must adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies, including UGA’s Solicitation Policy, Trademark Policy, and Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.

Approval Process: To obtain approval and placement for your flyer, please seek assistance from the Business Office located on the right side as you enter the main lobby of the Ramsey Student Center. Flyers submitted for approval will be reviewed for compliance with UGA policy, local, state, and federal laws. All determinations will be made on a viewpoint-neutral basis. The Department of Recreational Sports has the right to deny any flyers that violate University policy, or state, local, or federal laws.