The Competitive Sports program wants to welcome you back for the 2020-2021 school year. We appreciate all of your support and we hope that the Competitive Sports program will have a positive impact on your experience here at UGA. 

The goal of the Department of Recreational Sports is to make participation in the intramural sports program safe, attractive, and desirable to a large number of students, faculty, staff, and spouses/domestic partners. Through our various programs, our goal is to create an inclusive environment for all participants to feel welcome participating in the Competitive Sports program.  

Due to COVID-19 concerns our traditional program schedule will be modified. We will offer individual sports and ESports such as: badminton, tennis, and cornhole to name a few along with Madden, FIFA and Super Smash Bros for ESports while exploring team sport options that will adhere to CDC guidelines. With this change in programmatic offerings, our play pass price will be adjusted as well. If you have any questions, call our office at 706-542-5060 or you can email us at

To purchase your Unlimited Play Pass click here and select “Memberships and Passes”
To create your team visit

Sport Offerings Registration
Deadline (5pm)
Tournament or
League Format
Event Date(s)Do I need the
Unlimited Play Pass?
January Offerings (ESports discord channel)
Madden NFL 21January 26thLeague1/29 – 2/7TBDNo
February Offerings (ESports discord channel)
BadmintonFebruary 9th1-Day Tournament2/12Yes
ESports: Mario Kart
(Nintendo Switch)
February 16thLeague2/19 – 3/15No
ESports: NBA 2K21
(Xbox One, PS4)
February 16thLeague2/19 – 3/15No
Table TennisFebruary 23rd1-Day Tournament2/25Yes
Team Golf February 23rdLeague3/1 – 4/25Yes, (+) $230 Team Greens Fee
Tennis Singles February 23rdLeague3/1 – 4/4Yes
March Offerings (ESports discord channel)
PickleballMarch 9th1-Day Tournament3/11Yes
ESports: Super Smash Bros – Ultimate
(Nintendo Switch)
March 16thLeague3/19 – 4/5 No
ESports: 5v5 League of Legends
March 16thLeague3/19 – 4/5No
ESports: MLB the Show
March 16thLeague3/19 – 4/5No
Sports TriviaMarch 16th1-Day Tournament3/18Yes
CornholeMarch 23rd1-Day Tournament3/25Yes
SoftballMarch 23rdLeague3/28 – 4/29Yes
KickballMarch 23rdLeague3/28 – 4/29Yes
VolleyballMarch 23rdLeague3/28 – 4/29Yes
April Offerings (ESports discord channel)
Foot TennisMarch 30th 1-Day Tournament4/1Yes
ESports: Fall Guys Ultimate KnockoutApril 6thLeague4/9 – 5/3 No
ESports: FIFA21
(Xbox One, PS4)
April 6thLeague4/9 – 5/3No
ESports: Rocket League
(Across all platforms)
April 6thLeague4/9 – 5/3No
Sports TriviaApril 13th1-Day Tournament4/15Yes
SpikeballApril 20th1-Day Tournament 4/22Yes
Sand VolleyballApril 27th 1-Day Tournament 4/29 Yes

How do I sign up for the Unlimited Play Pass?
Watch the video here.

How do I create a team?
Watch the video here.


  1. Captains: Log into your IMLeagues account and click on your team.
  2. Once you are on your team page, under “Captain” select “Available Free Agents”. Once you select the free agent you want to add, click “Invite To Team”.
  3. Once a Free Agent is sent an invitation, they must accept the invitation to be added to your team. 

Click here for a detailed guide to become a free agent.


  1. Log into and click “Sign In” in the top right corner.
  2. Click “UGA login” and log in with your UGA MyID and password.
  3.  Click “Intramurals” from the list of icons.
  4. Click on the IMLeagues banner.
  5.  Click on the “University of Georgia” in the top left corner near the Home button.
  6. Select the sport and division for which you would like to sign up.
  7.  Click “Free Agents” from the top menu.
  8. Click “Join as Free Agent”.
  9. Click the “+” button to show all available time slots. 
  10. After selecting each time slot you are available to play, add your contact information and any additional information about yourself. Once you complete this step click “Post Listing” and you will be notified if a team captain selects you for their team.
  11. As a free agent, if you see a team that has “Yes” under Free Agents Wanted, you can click “Join Team”.


Weather Hotline (field status announcements)

Professional Staff 
Michael Husted, Assistant Director
Jason James, Senior Coordinator
Chelsea Watson, Senior Coordinator

Can I play on two teams in the same sport?
Yes, if one of the teams is co-rec! Players may only participate on one same sex team (Includes: Fraternity, Men’s Recreational & Men’s Competitive, Women’s Independent & Sorority).

What does the Unlimited Play Pass give me access to?
Once you purchase the Unlimited Play Pass for $25 per semester, you can access any of our Competitive Sports programs. After purchasing the pass, you can participate in 1 event or all events offered. Our only exemptions are the team golf league and our state flag football tournament.

Does the Unlimited Play Pass change how we create a team?
No. The only difference now is that when you purchase the Unlimited Play Pass, you can create a team, join a preexisting team or sign up as a free agent.