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  • Every UGA Outdoor Recreation participant (current Ramsey Student Center members only except for challenge course programs) must pay the registration fee in-full and have all registration forms (including health history, registration, and waiver, if applicable) filled out completely in order to be an official participant (here to in referred to as “Participant”) of the trip/activity.
  • Cancellation/Refund Policy: Full refunds are issued if the Department of Recreational Sports cancels a class, activity or program. All other refunds are charged a $15 processing fee. For trips and clinics, cancellations must be received three weeks in advance of the event in order to receive a partial refund. All cancellations by participants are assessed a $15 processing fee. Trips or clinics, including belay clinics, costing less than $15 are not eligible for refunds. No refunds are given for participants cancelling less than three weeks in advance unless warranted by a documented medical excuse, in which case a full-refund will be granted.
  • Participants are solely responsible for any evacuation and/or hospital costs arising out of any bodily injury or property damage sustained during their voluntary participation in a UGA Outdoor Recreation program. Activity descriptions are available on the Rec Sports website and the associated risks are outlined in the Waiver/Release of Liability document. UGA does not carry health insurance for participants. Participants are responsible for disclosing any/all medical/health issues to UGA Outdoor Recreation staff on the Health History Form. Participants will be required to carry and administer all necessary personal medication while involved in UGA Outdoor Recreation activities and will be responsible for making all decision regarding his/her own appropriate precautions. It is the Participant's responsibility to ensure he/she is covered by a travel and/or health insurance plan for the duration of the program, which includes emergency medical evacuation.
  • A description of all activities is available on the UGA Outdoor Recreation website. If a Participant has a disability which may require accommodation, the Participant should directly contact the Assistant Director of Outdoor Recreation (706-542-5060) at least 3 weeks before the program/clinic date for evaluation.
  • In order to remain a participant in good standing at any UGA Outdoor Recreation facility or in any UGA Outdoor Recreation program, participants must follow all program and University policies and supervisor guidelines during participation. Participants who are UGA students will be held accountable for behavior that violates the University of Georgia’s Code of Conduct.


  • The indoor wall, bouldering wall, hangboard, and slackline are only open during supervised climbing hours (when staff is present).
  • A minimum of 3 participants is needed for a belay clinic to make.  If UGA Outdoor Recreation cancels a clinic, a participant may transfer to another clinic.
  • No refunds for late arrivals to belay clinics. An instructor may refuse entry to a participant if the participant’s late arrival interferes with the ability to deliver safety information and necessary instruction.
  • All climbers must successfully enroll in and pass a UGA belay clinic. No other forms of belay certification will be accepted. No exceptions. Once a patron successfully completes a belay clinic, all participants will be responsible for bringing their UGA ID to the wall for open recreation climbing to verify the completion of the clinic.
  • Child-dependents under the age of 16 years-old cannot climb without the supervision of a belay-certified guardian and must be able to properly fit into a harness. Participants must be at least 16 years-old to participate in a belay clinic.
  • Climbers must wear closed-toe shoes to climb the wall. UGA students and Ramsey members may check out climbing shoes for free at the wall.
  • Climbers may bring their own shoes, harness, and chalk bag, but they must utilize UGA Recreational Sports’ belay devices.
  • Climbers must utilize proper safety checks and climbing commands. A list of commands are available at the Climbing Wall front desk.
  • Climbers should utilize crash pads and are encouraged to use a spotter at the bouldering wall. A crash pad must be used when a climber uses the hangboard.
  • Climbers should not “top out” (climb on top of) the bouldering wall.
  • Participants should utilize proper spotting technique when spotting other climbers, including proper stance, eye contact, avoiding the "fall zone," and maintaining proper hand placement (fingers together).
  • The following activities are strictly prohibited: providing unauthorized access to the facility and/or equipment, performing aerial or acrobatic moves on the slackline or any wall, tampering with or modifying any UGA Recreational Sports equipment.
  • Failure to comply with these policies will result in immediate dismissal and potential revocation of future facility access.


  • Pre-trip meetings: unless otherwise stated, all trips have a mandatory pre-trip meeting in the week prior to trip departure. The pre-trip meeting will cover arrival/departure time, meeting location(s), prerequisite skills, necessary equipment, expedition behavior, meals, and lodging assignments (if applicable). For safety concerns, UGA Outdoor Recreation reserves the right to remove a Participant from the trip roster without refund if the Participant misses the mandatory pre-trip meeting and fails to contact the trip leader to receive the missed information prior to trip departure.
  • Participants will not bring, buy, sell, use, or consume alcohol, illegal drugs, or recreational drugs while participating in a UGA Outdoor Recreation trip/activity. UGA Outdoor Recreation prohibits tobacco use in group vehicles. Due to environmental and safety issues, UGA Outdoor Recreation strongly discourages tobacco use while on trips. If tobacco use occurs, other Participants should not have to breathe or smell tobacco and all tobacco trash must be properly disposed of according to Leave No Trace (LNT) principles.
  • If a Participant voluntarily leaves the group or fails to follow University and/or UGA Outdoor Recreation policy and must be separated from the group, that Participant bears the responsibility for arranging and paying for return transportation. UGA is no longer responsible for that Participant.
  • Leave No Trace (LNT) principles, values and guidelines will be practiced on UGA Outdoor Recreation trips/clinics. A copy of these principles is available on the Rec Sports website and near the Cashier’s Window at the Ramsey Student Center.
  • SCUBA participants may receive a referral letter from the SCUBA instructor to complete the open water certification dive with a commercial outfitter. A nominal fee will be charged by the instructor for this referral letter.
  • Trip and clinic itineraries are subject to change without notice based on the group’s ability, weather conditions, and/or safety concerns. UGA Outdoor Recreation reserves the right to make changes to the trip itinerary for any of the aforementioned reasons.


  • Participants must follow the instruction of facilitators at all times during participation on the course. Horseplay, deliberate mishandling of equipment or instruction will result in immediate removal from the course. Intoxicated persons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages and other mind-altering substances are not allowed.
  • Recreational Sports will assign facilitators for each group. Specific directions to course, parking information and meeting location will be sent with confirmation/invoice.
  • Participants should wear comfortable clothing, loose fitting pants or shorts, sneakers or other closed-toe shoes (sandals, flip flops, and opened-toed shoes are prohibited).
  • For safety concerns, personal cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted during programming
  • Meals are the responsibility of the group. Unless otherwise requested, one hour will be allowed for a meal during a full day course. Food and drink may not be allowed in all areas. Arrangements must be made in advance. It is the responsibility of the participants to pick up and carry out all trash left by the group.
  • The organization/person in charge of the group is responsible for the behavior of the participants. Failure to cooperate with Challenge Course Staff when faced with emergencies/problems may result in the group's inability to reserve Recreational Sports facilities in the future.
  • Participants must weigh less than 250 pounds in order to participate in the indoor and outdoor high challenge course.
  • Participants on both our indoor and outdoor high course must be at least 11 years old.
  • Height requirement minimum on indoor high course is 4'11" (no minimum on outdoor high course as long as participant is 11 years old).


  • Renter must be a current UGA student, faculty, staff or current member of the Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities.
  • The rental fee may be paid by credit card only.
  • Reservations may be made in person or online using the reservation request form on the Outdoor Recreation Center website.
  • Rental fees need not be paid at the time of reservation, but must be paid in full when picked up.
  • Cancellations must be made by 3pm on the first reserved date to avoid rental charges.
  • Renter is responsible for repair or current replacement cost for lost, damaged, or modified equipment.
  • Weekend rentals may be picked up on Thursday at no additional charge.
  • Late return charges: A $1.00 per item, per day late fee is charged in addition to the daily rental fee. Late days accrue only on days when the ORC is in operation and equipment is not returned. Any renter with an outstanding balance due will have their records flagged until payment is made.
  • Absolutely no smoking in ORC tents. Smoke damage will result in a cleaning or repair fee.
  • A cleaning fee will be assessed for equipment returned wet or dirty (i.e. tents and stoves). Excessive cleaning may require additional fees.
  • No equipment will be considered returned until the renter returns it to the ORC personnel during ORC hours. Gear left unattended by the ORC during non-operational hours will be charged an abandoned gear fee.
  • Canoes, sit-on-top, and touring kayaks are not permitted on swift bodies of water.
  • Renter MUST be the one in the boat rented.
  • Flatwater boat rental includes car/truck mounting pads and straps, boat, paddle, and PFD for up to two persons. No more than two persons per canoe.
  • Whitewater boat rental includes boat, paddle, spray skirt, helmet, PFD and paddling jacket.
  • Renter will be responsible for securing the boat and equipment onto their vehicle. ORC personnel may help load.
  • UGA staff reserve the right to refuse a request based on prior experience, attitude and skill level of participant, river levels, and weather conditions.
  • Whitewater kayak renters must receive prior approval from the UGA Outdoor Recreation administrative staff or have a letter of approval from the UGA Whitewater Club which contains trip destination, date, and paddling partners' contact information.