End of Year Awards

Rowe Fowler, Aquatics
Hank Tatum, Competitive Sports
Trisha Patel, Facility Operations
Frankie Barnes, Fitness & Wellness
Meredith Wessel, Member Services
Connor Heist, Outdoor Recreation

The Rec Sports Values Award was first awarded in 2016 to the Rec Sports staff member who, on a daily basis, truly displays and encompasses our four departmental values of RamFam, Customer Service, Excellence, and the Spirit of Recreation. This person should be fully committed to the idea of getting to know and welcoming everyone, having fun, and being the best by going above and beyond to make sure we provide activities for the enjoyment for every type of patron that may utilize our services and facilities.

2022-23: Frankie Barnes, Fitness & Wellness
2021-22: Joely Lord, Membership Services
2020-21: Catherine “Cace” Hill, Fitness & Wellness
2019-20: Jake Forcier, Competitive Sports
2018-19: Jenna Grace Morrison, Aquatics
2017-18: Hannah Guinta, Facility Operations
2016-17: Katelyn Oliver, Outdoor Recreation
2015-16: Zack Dorminey, Fitness & Wellness

Sarah Schwartz, Aquatics
Fernando “Jorom” Luiz Paler, Competitive Sports
Pablo Guerrico-Hatch, Facility Operations
Sierra Wilkerson, Fitness & Wellness
Caden Martin,  Membership Services
Brigitte Leuder, Outdoor Recreation

This award is presented in memory of Michael Gene Warren, Jr., an extremely friendly and outgoing rookie staff member, who was the victim of a car accident in December of 2009. The name of this award is taken from one of his favorite sayings that described his outlook on life.  “No Fear. No Regrets. Do it Big”. This award is given to a first year Ramsey Center student staff member who has shown outstanding performance, dedication, motivation and friendliness.  This person should be someone who consistently brings an infectious  positive attitude to work every day and is known for having a positive influence on everyone they encounter.  

2022-23: Fernando “Jorom” Luiz Paler, Competitive Sports
2021-22: Michael Lewis-Wedderburn, Facility Operations
2020-21: Norman Mendoza, Facility Operations
2019-20: Kayla Hanner, Fitness & Wellness
2018-19: Grace Greenway, Competitive Sports
2017-18: Mackenzie Cown, Aquatics
2016-17: Marilyn Primovic, Marketing
2015-16: Owusu Achiaw, Facility Operations
2014-15: Jake Williams, Facility Operations
2013-14: Alysabeth Vititoe
2011-12: Bill Olney
2010-11: Tara Rigdon
2009-10: Carrie Cardell