Hannah Giunta's portrait.

Hannah Guinta

The Rec Sports Fellows program has accelerated my experience with campus recreation in ways I still find difficult to describe. [The staff] showed a genuine interest in our personal and professional
lives, which made us want to do nothing more than work hard and make them proud. When I started as a staff member in Strength and Conditioning, I saw it mostly as a way to make friends and earn some
money. Once I became a Facility Manager, I learned even more about Rec Sports and began to see the potential for me to turn this part-time job into a career. Once I started with the Fellows program, I became
even more invested. [The staff] gave me opportunities to get to know each and every member of the professional staff so that I could feel completely comfortable and connected while at Ramsey, and increase my knowledge of the many departments that coexist within a campus recreation program.