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Latest News-- Two UGA Rec Sports Officials Named All-American 

Kaulin Andric and Jessica Gilbert, student officials in the Department of Recreational Sports at the University of Georgia, were named All-American Officials at the NIRSA National Flag Football Tournament at the University of West Florida on January 8, 2017.

Both Andric and Gilbert officiated games throughout the three-day series, where 56 collegiate intramural teams competed for three division championships: men’s, women’s, and co-rec.

“Being selected as an All American is a humbling honor for me,” Andric said. “It speaks volumes of my personal growth and development as an official… [but] I have to stay humble, continue to work hard, and practice my craft to get better.”

A total of 50 officials were invited from state and regional flag football tournaments. From those, 10 were selected as All-American Officials. In addition to Andric and Gilbert, the group also included officials from Georgia Southern University, the Ohio State University, Angelo State University, Ohio University, Campbell University, and Indiana University. 

Gilbert was the only female selected as an All-American this year.

“All those weekends I spent traveling to tournaments and time I put into reviewing plays and watching film was all worth it,” Gibert said. “I feel truly honored that I was able to represent UGA and the state of Georgia in such a tremendous way.”

Intramural Sports

The goal of the Department of Recreational Sports is to make participation in the intramural sports program safe, attractive, and desirable to a large number of students, faculty, staff, and spouses/domestic partners.  Through our various programs, our goal is to create an inclusive environment for all participants to feel welcome participating in the Competitive Sports program.  


Free Agent Meeting   January 18 (6:45p-8:00p)  
5v5 Basketball League   November 13 - February 20
Basketball Skills Challenge January 18 January 20
Inner Tube Water Polo January 18 January 22
Racquetball League January 18 January 23
Friday Night Indoor Soccer Tournament February 1 February 3, 10
Ultimate Frisbee League February 8 February 12
Indoor Soccer League February 8 February 12
Softball League February 8 February 12
Team Tennis  February 8 February 13
Team Golf* February 22 February 28
4v4 Volleyball League March 15 March 19
4v4 Flag Football March 15 March 20
4v4 Outdoor Soccer March 15 March 20
Tennis Singles March 22 March 26
Spikeball Tournament April 12 April 14
Badminton Doubles Tournament April 19 April 21

*Event requires both the $20 Unlimited Play Pass as well as an additional fee due to the high cost of the event. 
Events listed in BOLD will be set up in a tournament format.

Purchase the new Unlimited Play Pass for $20, and you can play your favorite sports, like indoor soccer or 4v4 flag football, then try something that you have never played before, like Ultimate Frisbee or our brand new Spikeball One-Day event! Sign up in our main office or online. If you have any questions, call our office at 706-542-5060 or you can email us at 

***Remember, all players must present their UGA ID card or a government issued photo ID at every intramural sports game.***

Intramural Sports


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Can I play on two teams in the same sport?
Yes, if one of the teams is co-rec! Players may only participate on one same sex team (Includes: Fraternity, Men’s Recreational & Men’s Competitive, Women’s Independent & Sorority).

What does the Unlimited Play Pass give me access to?
Once you purchase the Unlimited Play Pass for $20 per semester, you can access any of our Competitive Sports programs. After purchasing the pass, you can participate in 1 event or all events offered. Our only exemptions are the team golf league and our state flag football tournament. 

Does the Unlimited Play Pass change how we create a team?
No. The only difference now is that when you purchase the Unlimited Play Pass, you can create a team, join a preexisting team or sign up as a free agent.