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The goal of the Department of Recreational Sports is to make participation in the intramural sports program safe, attractive, and desirable to a large number of students, faculty, staff, and spouses/domestic partners. Through our various programs, our goal is to create an inclusive environment for all participants to feel welcome participating in the Competitive Sports program.  

Purchase the Unlimited Play Pass for $25, and you can play your favorite sports, like indoor soccer or 4v4 flag football, then try something that you have never played before, like Ultimate Frisbee or our brand new Team Handball One-Day event! Sign up in our main office or online. If you have any questions, call our office at 706-542-5060 or you can email us at *Event requires both the $25 Unlimited Play Pass as well as an additional fee due to the high cost of the event. 

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Fall 2017 Competitive Sports League and Tournament Offerings


   Sign Up Deadline   

   Start Date    

  Play Pass  

Flag Football Classic    Aug. 22 Aug. 26 -
6v6 Volleyball Aug. 22 Aug. 27
Cornhole Aug. 29 Sept. 1
7v7 Flag Football Aug. 29 Sept. 5
7v7 Outdoor Soccer Aug. 29 Sept. 5
Team Tennis Aug. 29 Sept. 5
Team Golf (Additional Fee Applies) Aug. 29 Sept. 5
College Football Pick'em Aug. 29 Aug. 31
NFL Pick'em Aug. 29 Sept. 7
Pickleball  Sept. 5 Sept. 8
Flag Football State Qualifier Sept. 19 Sept. 26/27
Ultimate Frisbee Sept. 12 Sept. 17
Wiffleball Sept. 19 Sept. 22
Battleship Sept. 19 Sept. 24
Punt Pass and Kick Sept. 26 Sept. 28
Badminton Oct. 3 Oct. 6
Dodgeball* Oct. 3 Oct. 9
Team Handball Oct. 10 Oct. 13
Sports Trivia Oct. 31 Nov. 3
5v5 Basketball Oct. 31 Nov.5
Table Tennis  Nov. 7 Nov. 10
Billiards Nov. 14 Dec. 1
Georgia Peach Classic
State Flag Football Tournament
Oct. 11 Oct. 20

Bold denotes that the event listed is a 1 or 2 day tournament.
*The Dodgeball League is only a 2 week regular season with a 1 week tournament.
***Remember, all players must present their UGA ID card or a government issued photo ID at every intramural sports game.***

Intramural Sports


Weather Hotline (field status announcements)

Michael Husted, Assistant Director

Jason James, Senior Coordinator

Elise Harvey, Senior Coordinator 

Brittany Burriss, Graduate Assistant

Sam DiSalle, Graduate Assistant

Chris Sato, Graudate Assistant


Intramural Sports Participation Guide
2017-2018 Intramural Sports Participant Guide

Intramural Sports Registration 
How do I register?
How do I create a team?
Sign Up for the Unlimited Play Pass.

Free Agent Sign Up Process
Click here for a detailed guide to become a free agent.
Sign Up as a free agent here.

Intramural Sports Rules
Click here to view a listing of our Intramural Sports rules.



Can I play on two teams in the same sport?
Yes, if one of the teams is co-rec! Players may only participate on one same sex team (Includes: Fraternity, Men’s Recreational & Men’s Competitive, Women’s Independent & Sorority).

What does the Unlimited Play Pass give me access to?
Once you purchase the Unlimited Play Pass for $25 per semester, you can access any of our Competitive Sports programs. After purchasing the pass, you can participate in 1 event or all events offered. Our only exemptions are the team golf league and our state flag football tournament. 

Does the Unlimited Play Pass change how we create a team?
No. The only difference now is that when you purchase the Unlimited Play Pass, you can create a team, join a preexisting team or sign up as a free agent.