Personal Training

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Personal Training Services

Individual Training (In-Person, Outdoor, & Virtual)
Individuals must complete the Personal Training Registration Form prior to purchasing personal training services.

Sessions Student Faculty/Staff/
UGA Affiliate
6 $155 $170 $180
12 $265 $290 $315
20 $360 $400 $440

Buddy Training (In-Person, Outdoor, & Virtual)
Buddy Training is limited to two clients. Price includes both clients.
If package is split between individuals wiith differing membership status, the higher price applies to both clients.

Sessions Student Faculty/Staff/

UGA Affiliate

6 $230 $240 $250
12 $405 $430 $455
20 $720 $768 $816

Fitness Assessment (In-Person & Virtual)
New clients and clients who have not trained with us in 3+ months must purchase a 90-minute Fitness Assessment in addition to a Personal Training package to establish baseline fitness.

Student Faculty/Staff/
UGA Affiliate
$35 $45 $55

Personalized Fitness Orientation
60-minute orientation on how to navigate Ramsey fitness equipment andcreating your own workout plan.

Student Faculty/Staff/
$15 $15 $15

*Online Registration:

  1. Complete the online Personal Training Registration Form.
  2. If needed, complete the Physician Referral Form. Following completion, email to
  3. Purchase your training sessions online (you will need a valid Ramsey membership and your UGA credentials to purchase sessions).

*You must complete ALL steps. Failure to do so may result in delayed service.

In-Person Registration:

  1. Print/complete the Personal Training Packet.
  2. If you answered “NO” to the 7 questions on page 5, skip to step 4. If you answered “YES” to any of the questions continue to step 3.
  3. Complete this step ONLY if you answered “YES” to any of the questions on page 5. Print/complete Physician Referral Form
  4. Bring the completed Personal Training Packet (and completed Physician Referral Form if applicable) and payment to the Recreational Sports Office Monday-Friday 8AM-4:45PM. 

You will receive confirmation of your personal trainer within 1-5 business days.


Body Composition Testing

  • $5 Body Composition (InBody Bioelectric Impedance or Calipers) - By appointment only. Complete the Personal Training Registration Form and purchase online. A valid Ramsey membership and UGA credentials is required to purchase personal training services. Confirmation will be sent 1-5 business days following registration completion.
  • $1 Body Composition (InBody Bioelectric Impedance) - Drop in. Must have a valid $1 Body Comp pass (purchase online or at Ramsey Center Admissions Desk)

$1 Body Composition (InBody Bioelectric Impedance) Testing Dates:

  • No current dates scheduled

    $1 Body Composition Testing is held from 5-7PM in the Personal Training Office in S&C 2 (Ramsey 245). Review the video to prepare for your test. 


Rec Sports & UHC Partnership 25% Discount

Clients who present a valid proof of purchase receive a one-time, 25% discount on individual training packages. Elligible UHC purchases/participations include: Individual Nutrition Consultation, Physical Therapy and Medical Massage (must have a written medical referral) and Massage Therapy (must provide a valid receipt).

Meet the Personal Trainers

Personal Training Policies

Personal Training Packet

This form must be complete and submitted to the Rec Sports office with payment.

Males over 45 years of age or older, females 55 years of age or older or those who have one or more risk factors identified on this form are required to complete the Physician Referral Form.

Physician Referral Form

Become a Personal Trainer

Current UGA Students Wanted!

All candidates must hold a NCCA accredited Personal Training certification:

Take the NASM Personal Trainer Prep Course!

Submit a Rec Sports Student Employment Application, attach your resume, and provide any relevant certifications to be considered for an interview and practial evaluation.

Staff Contact

Fitness and Wellness

Lisa Williamson
Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness

Tevin Duncan
Coordinator for Fitness & Wellness

Montse Molas
Graduate Assistant for Fitness & Wellness

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